Apply for a Hong Kong Full Driving Licence by Direct Issue without Test

January 17, 2011


Hold an overseas driving licence issued by one of the countries or places as listed in Appendix A.
The overseas driving licence must be:

(a) valid or has not expired for more than 3 years; and
(b) must be obtained through passing of driving test held in the issuing country or place.

The driving entitlement(s) applied for must be equivalent to the class(es) which are authorized to drive by the issuing country or place.

Satisfy any one of the requirements listed below:

(a) have resided in the overseas country or place of issue for a period of not less than six months during which the licence was issued; or
(b) have held the licence for 5 years or more immediately prior to the application; or
(c) hold a passport or equivalent travel document of the country or place in which the licence was issued.

How to apply?

1) complete require documents
2) Submit it to Hong Kong Licensing Office by us  (an authorized person)

What to submit to us?

1) original of overseas driving licence and  Passport
2) an officially certified translation of your overseas driving licence if it is in a language other than English or Chinese (will be provided by us)
3) complete application form TD63a (will be provided by us)
4) power of attorney (Verbiage/format will be provided by us)
5) your domestic address approve (contact us for further information)
6) your Hong Kong address approve (will be provided by us)
* A medical certificate (for applicants aged 70 or above)

Contact us for any assistance and further informaton


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